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Curriculum Vitae

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January 2009-
Senior analyst EUV at ASML (Semiconductor lithography).

June 2005-December 2008
Facility Scientist at the FOM institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

February 2005-May 2005
Part-time work on an online Swedish-Dutch dictionary.

May 2002-December 2004
Postdoc work at the department of Chemical Physics in the Chemical Center of Lund University. Subject: time-resolved THz spectroscopy.

Ph.D. work at the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics on the subject of Femtosecond mid-infrared spectroscopy of water. The thesis was defended at the Eindhoven University of Technology under supervision of prof. dr. H.J. Bakker and prof. dr. R.A. van Santen.

University study in Physics at the University of Utrecht. Research projects: Influence of high orientational order on the shape of the echo response from a Hahn pulse sequence under supervision of dr. E.E. van Faasen and Y. K. Levine and Generation and detection of phonon beams at oblique angles under supervision of prof. dr. H.W. de Wijn and dr. A.F.M. Arts.

Hertog Jan-College (Atheneum-B) school in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands

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